Bruce Porter, Owner
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About Breezy Acres Farm LLC
We are a wholesale pot  in pot, re-wholesale, and custom shipping  operation. Located in Stow Creek, Cumberland County, Southern NJ, Breezy Acres was purchased by Bruce Porter in 1986 and was operated as a vegetable and grain farm.  In 1992 the farm was leased to a neighboring farmer and Bruce went to work for Ray Blew Jr. and his son, Denny, owners  of Centerton Nursery.  In 2007, Bruce left Centerton Nursery to return to the farm, and with the help and encouragement from  the Blew family, Darrel Apps, Ed Overdevest, Abe Bakker, Steve Wagner, neighbors and friends, a Pot in Pot flowering shrub operation was born.  In 2016 a re-wholesale and custom shipping service was added to better serve customers.  Please contact us for more information.
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